Our Dojo

Our dojo can be found at https://zen.coderdojo.com/dojos/gb/lisburn/lisburn

It’s held on Saturdays from 11-1 at Lisburn Library. The Library has been very gracious in letting us use the IT Suite in the building.

Our contact at the Library is Margarita Pollock.

Our mentors are Matt Johnston, David Shawe, Glenn Horan, John Kelly and Michael Blackwood.

What do you need to bring?

Just yourself! We have the 10 IT suite computers in the Library and a heap of stuff on our inventory page that we will be bringing along so there is bound to be something to use. 

Can I bring…

If you want to bring your own computers, iPads, tablets, or if you’re already a budding hacker with your own Raspberry Pi, Arduino or MicroBit, then, yeah, bring it. We can’t take responsibility for it though and we don’t recommend loaning your stuff to others.