Buying your own kit

Consider using the links listed below. We will get a kickback (our only fundraising outside of sponsors) and it won’t cost you any extra.These are probably good ideas for birthdays for the budding geek in the family. Nothing here is purely entertainment – they’re all tools to get stuff done!

Pi Appliance

Keeping in mind this is a bare bones, build it yourself kit. Useful for using their Pi as a webcam monitor, or other internet appliance.

The Portable Pi Kit

Want your Pi portable yet full-featured? Usable as a micro-media platform as well as a mini-desktop computer?

The Gaming Pi kit

Want to set up your Raspberry Pi as an arcade machine? All of these require some assembly, which makes them learning tools. Plus there’s a homage to the old games which used to run on 8 bit consoles now being emulated on 64 bit computers with 1000 times more memory and storage.

Laptop? Desktop?

You can do Coder Dojo stuff using any hardware, from a Raspberry Pi to a top of the line MacBook Pro – and it doesn’t need to be the latest and greatest hardware. Our inventory focuses on the low end of the scale. We have programming tools on older iPads, on Chromebooks, on cheap tablets and old PCs. The point is that to do anything with a computer, you don’t need the latest and greatest. Even the most expensive computer can’t do everything – but you can get programming tasks and homework done on even the cheapest systems listed on this page (including the Pi!) so no need to break the bank.

Reference Materials

There’s nothing here that you can’t get online for free, but books are books.