Hello everyone!

What a year 2020 has been! With the Coronavirus in the news, we haven’t been able to safely hold a dojo and it’s looking like we won’t have one for a very long time. There was just no way to get everyone together as the situation was developing! I’m very glad we erred on the side of safety.

So, here’s the deal. We still have a web site at coderdojolisburn.org and also the resources here at CoderDojo.com.

We have some equipment (MicroBits and Raspberry Pi’s). The Microbits are good for practicing code, the Pi is a full desktop computer that plugs into your TV.

If anyone wants to borrow some equipment to get them working on stuff during this time, we will be up for doing some delivery of kit and equipment. Make sure you wipe down the surfaces when you get them (but they won’t survive a dishwasher!)

We’ll be updating the web site with some more resources that would be useful for keeping kids busy. It’s not going to be the same as a live session and it’s probably not a replacement for home schooling but it’s available.

AND IF YOU GET STUCK – I’m very willing to provide some online support to PARENTS and GUARDIANS. (We will be maintaining all safeguarding procedures). I’ve set a date of this Saturday, but really, if you have issues at any time of the week, drop me an email at coderdojolisburn@icloud.com and I’ll give best effort support.


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