What’s a microBit anyway?

micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun!

We introduced the micro:bit to the Ninjas last week (thanks to some great help from Alexa!) and we got more sensors and stuff to add to the micro:bit kit we received from the CoderDojo Foundation.

We can work the micro:bit with most computers – including the Library PCs and the Raspberry Pi so we will be bolstering our kit supplies in the coming weeks.

Microbit and add-ons

You can see that the micro:bit itself has a compass and accelerometer and a Bluetooth antenna as well as other pin connections. We also have two bit:bots (not pictured) and a couple of speakers, a couple of sensor boards (for sound, temperature and light) and a couple of enviro:bits (that detect weather, colour, light, sound).

There are a heap of projects we are ready to go with if we couple these with the two “Inventor Kits” we also have to provide wiring, breadboard, motors and LEDs.

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