Our Dojo Had a Visitor!

This morning we were visited by the City’s First Citizen, Mayor Uel Mackin, while the CoderDojo Ninja kids were setting up the Raspberry Pi computers for that mornings CoderDojo lesson. The Mayor quizzed the youngsters on their computer knowledge and discussed the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) with the volunteer mentors at the Dojo.

CoderDojo is an initiative that has spread across Northern Ireland and the world. There are a couple in Belfast and one each in Banbridge and Craigavon. Dojos are staffed by volunteers who give their time freely to improve career prospects for young people in their community.

Thanks to the great staff at the Library, the Lisburn Dojo was able to start quickly and concentrate on the educational benefits of the sessions. The Lisburn dojo started on 5th January this year and has grown quickly with each session – give youngsters from ages 7 to 17 new digital skills beyond what can be taught in school.

The Mayor, with a long previous background in industry before entering politics, was keen to stress the importance of mathematics and science subjects for a long and rewarding career. ICT careers pay a minimum of 50% higher than the national NI average salary.

The Lisburn CoderDojo is hosted by Lisburn Library and has sessions twice a month. They’re free to attend and most equipment is provided. Learn more at http://CoderDojoLisburn.org

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