Session 4…..a brief detour…

Today we had to use the Mac suite in the Library as the IT suite was booked up. Normally this would be ideal but the Macs in the Library are locked down and the network prevented us from properly accessing GitHub and other important resources. This meant our quick demo on how to use a boilerplate was completely derailed.

We managed to really just go over some command line antics and get the Ninjas working with Raspberry Pi and a couple of Chromebooks but it wasn’t ideal.

The buoying sentiment is that our session today was the largest we had recorded to date, with new Ninjas and a lot of our starter team returning. Our gender representation is not bad for a group like this but we are keen to improve the ratio.

Not every session will go to plan and not every plan survives contact with the real world – especially when the real world has a team of talented IT people trying to stop people from doing the extraordinary. These computers are capable of so much more than just word processing and Facebook.

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