The Basics of the Command Line

The image here shows the basics of the command line. I’m logging into a Raspberry Pi 3B+ on the same network using a protocol called SSH (secure shell). It’s connecting to a multicast DNS address (raspberrypi3b.local) rather than the IP address (192.1681.1.126). You can see the username (pi) and the address in the format of an email – or more accurately, in the format of a user@machine.

Once logged in you can see that I execute the ‘ls’ command to list the files. I then ‘cd’ (change directory) to the MagPi folder (which was in the ls listing). I then execute another ‘ls’ in that folder. This shows me that I’m in the MagPi folder and there’s another file in that folder, a copy of the MagPi magazine in PDF format.

Neat huh?

We’re going to do pretty much all of that and more in Session 3.

If you have a Raspberry Pi, connect it up and try connecting to itself. If you can’t connect, you may need to turn on the SSH service (it’s called a daemon in UNIX) using ‘raspiconfig’.

Give that a go!

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