Session 2: What we did!

Today we started off with some simple Python.

We got everyone to log into and enter the following code:

print("this is python")
print(len("this is python"))

This allowed us to cover Strings, Functions and Nested Functions.

Followed by:

message = "Hello World"

This section covered Variables.

And finally:

minecraft = 10
fortnite = 9

if fortnite > minecraft:

Which covered String, Variables, and if/else statements.

That’s a lot to be covered in two hours but the Ninjas were on top form so we got to play a bit of RetroPie and also a demo with two Raspberry Pi hats from Glenn.

Fire up repl and have a go (or enter these into the Python interpreter on your Mac/PC/Raspberry Pi/Android tablet/iPad. We were able to get it working on the Library PCs, and also on Raspberry Pis and our new refurb Chromebooks

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