Maybe you should try MIT AppInventor?

I’ve spent the last few weeks testing out programming apps to see how easy it is to learn to program on the go, especially using phones and tablets and web browsers (rather than dedicated hardware). I’ve focused on iPad and Raspberry Pi because those are my main computing platforms. But I’m guessing it’s not yours! So I’m going to focus a little on platforms that are outside that. Windows. Android. Anything else?

App Inventor is probably the most useful app for people who want to get started programming on Android. It’s simple, it works, it’s beautifully integrated into the Android ecosystem and it’s perfect for beginners with it’s Scratch-like interface.

Within minutes you can be creating apps and deploying them to your Android phone or tablet. Isn’t that neat? It takes a little more effort to make useful apps but there’s hundreds of hours of YouTube videos and thousands of sample apps for you to try out, modify and show off.

It’s like Scratch, but with a real world deployment!

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