Can you use an old (ARM) ChromeBook for code?

Of course you can.

I picked up a Samsung ARM-based ChromeBook for cheap this week to add to our inventory and though it’s challenging to put Linux on it, I decided not to take that step. Instead I figured we could look at programming options on the device itself.

Web IDEs:

The Web-based IDEs work. That means that you can use Trinket, CodeAcademy and Replit easily enough. My current favourite for trying out Python is Replit!

Scratch Jr:

Scratch Jr is available on the Chrome store. For 5-8 year olds, it’s perfect for getting them started and it’s free and a great lead into Scratch itself.

Wyliodrin Studio:

Available only for Chromebooks, it’s an IDE for connecting to Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other IOT-type kits. IDeally you connect to a device and compile/test the code on the device.


A Terminal app (SSH) allowing you to connect directly to any ssh-capable host, like Linux, a Mac or Raspberry Pi. See it on the Chrome store!

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