Libraries NI: A brilliant partner for Coder Dojo Lisburn

Our first session yesterday went really well – packed out, a good buzz and plenty of chat.

My thanks to Libraries NI for providing the space and making sure everything worked out well for us. We’ve already booked our next session with them on the 26th and this morning I decided to see what else the Library has to offer outside of free computers, free rooms and free WiFi. (I know, amazing already)

Apparently they have books too.

I didn’t look at the physical books in the building or the thousands of books that reside in Libraries across Northern Ireland that you can order to your local library by just asking, but rather at the eBooks and eMagazines section.

The eBooks part is a little sparse for “computer technology” unless you’re trying to get to grips with your first computer or iPad. Nothing there goes into much depth. But the magazines are something else.

As you can see, I grabbed subscriptions to two magazines that mention the Raspberry Pi on the cover! For free! Isn’t that Wild!

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this???

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