Session 2: 26th Jan: Get Your Python-on…

Thanks everyone who came to the first session – I’m glad that the feedback forms were so positive. Special thanks to David, Glenn and John (our mentors) who were on hand!

The next session is Saturday 26th January. Same time. Same place.

Lisburn Library IT Suite. 11 – 1.

Due to the feedback we received, we will be focusing on PYTHON – it works with Minecraft Pi, it works with the web, with SQL and it’s a great starter language as well as a very saleable production language.

We will put up some Python learning resources on over the next two weeks and we are opening up a Stack-Overflow-style forum. Watch this space!

If you bring your own laptop, iPad or Raspberry Pi then you can get a Python environment up and running (or we can use CodeAcademy or Trinket on the Library PCs).

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