24 hours to our first session!

And yeah, my nerves are kicking in.

It’s not like I haven’t done this before – but the first is always the most challenging. You’ve no idea who is there, what they want, what their interests are. But that’s part of the excitement. We have all new mentors, all new facilities and all new plans.

What we will have for tomorrow?

  • We have 10 computers in the IT suite which will be perfect for online programming tutorials.
  • We have three Raspberry Pis (of differing abilities and vintages) running two different operating systems.
  • We have an Odroid C1+ (which is like a Pi from another parent).
  • We have an iPad mini, two projectors, a USB endoscope and a heap of USB memory sticks.

We have a load of ideas on what we can work on this year!

What would you like to work on? Make sure to tell us. There’s heaps of stuff about “cool projects” and there’s even a Coolest Projects event in May which our Ninjas might be ready for!

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